As official city composer of Tilburg Mathijs made a composition with fieldrecordings from the Moerenburg nature and landscape area and from ensemble VONK, the ensemble in residence of the city composer. Mathijs Leeuwis was guided by urban ecologist Gert Brunink in the area and started his own research. He has made a piece that blends in with the environment. Music that changes just like our environment and in which a beginning or end is difficult to identify. One might call it music that does not necessarily have as its primary function to be listened to, but is above all subordinate to and in the service of a greater experience. Music that does not want to be heard, but music that requires eyes. Eyes that look at the world with a inquisitive look and dare to recognize beauty where dirt appears.

The music can be streamed from here. Please put on your headphones and take a walk while listening. Mathijs also wrote a essay on this work, and the ideas that form the basis of this composition: Imperfectie als hoogst haalbare (in Dutch only).